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I'm confused too. Did I mention its only 37 degrees outside, and that will be the high for today?

I'm dreaming, that's all there is to it. I'll wake up shorty and be greeded by Mr.Sunshine and Mrs. warm breeze and Ms. nice quiet night, with not one cloud in the sky. ah........

I bet if I go to bed right now, maybe, just maybe, I can dream of that....

Timing is everything. I filled the bath tub up with nice hot steamy water, slowly lowered myself into the water and "ring ring ring". YAY me. happens every time. my neighbor called: she needed help lifting her lawn mower out of the trunk of her car. remember, I'm soaking in the tube....yay me. The only thing I missed was washing behind my ears. Nobody will notice??

I also have decided I'm going to extend Lent: I'm giving up watching any political interviews. I already feel cleaner!! Try it.

ok, I'm off.
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