Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, if I blog before I have my morning coffee, I am indeed, a crabby you know what

So, I'm sailing through the week, getting all the stuff done I should have got done last week, but was too lazy to do. I started up skyrim, but this time, as a high elf and a female. I think she'll do much better than that whimpy character I designed last week.
ok, now as for that poor young man who died after having 80% of his spine broke: if you look at the video of him on the ground and when they put him into the van, his feet hang, he screams in pain and his head is laying to the side.
That boys and girls, is the after effects of experiencing a broken spine. probably due to some idiot placing his knee on the poor guys neck.
There, I had my say. now I'll shut up about it.

So, I'm in the color choices for the logo. bright or pastel??? People will access this site through their smarty-pants phones and desk tops. not sure which way to go with it.
I never would have thought I would be designing for three different devices. what a pain, but a challenge too. good practice.

ok, I'm off

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