Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Poor Alduin is losing....slowly, but he's losing strength.

I checked: my level is 11 the game difficulty is at novie!! even with that, I've invested about 4 hours just wearing him down. and saving the game every time I blast him. right now, I zap him, he's falling out of the sky. YAY. but you can't kill him where he's at. that's another quest. and we thought this game would be like Oblivion. ha ha ha.
What a hoot!
Right now, I'm waiting for the rain and cold weather to move in. yay us. Say, don't complaint: we had a whole 2 day summer and nobody got sun burned, so all in all, it was a great summer. all 48 hours of it. sigh....
I've decided fruit might be a much better way to greet the day. I've got oranges, banana's and some really crispy lettuce. I haven't had a salad like this since 5 years ago???

Almost slept in today, but a furry critter decided 8AM was way late to sleep in. so here I am, and guess who went back to bed...

have a happy Sunday.

I'm off

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