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Ok, it's Happy day-to-the-next TGIF.

and it's raining and the cat told me it's ok to sleep in: I DID.
But there's always a price to be paid for such excesses. I got rained on putting some more trash out. Not a hard rain, but a gentle, 39 degree sprinkle.
I offered my neighbor a milky way, dark chocolate candy bar ( she loved them) only to be told she had just cleaned out her car, and found a candy bar I gave her LAST SUMMER. I think I'll give her a box of oat meal next time.
so here I sit, plotting my next characters move in Skyrim. yes, once again I got goofed up. I missed a plot and some stuff.

today "The Passion of the Christ" should be arriving. I thought I'd give my DVD version to my friend and I'd order a Blu ray, if they had them. Wow, Hollywood sure doesn't like Mel Gibson! I found only one brand new blu ray version. one. and for the staggering price of $7.95. for 2 discs!

Now I have something to do over the weekend.

ok, I'm off.