Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yes, it's sleep in Sunday.

Easter Sunday too. I always went to church on Saturday night at the Easter Vigil. Loved that.

So today, I made a schedule of things to do. 1. do nothing. 2. vegetate. 3. ah, whatever is not covered by 1 or 2.

There, I now feel accomplished. already held the cat and cuddled with him and now for the rest of the day, goof off, maybe look out for the outdoor kitty kats.

Took my next to last prescription of arthritis medicine. Wow, did it work. but I only have 9 pills left. then, no more prescriptions. seems while this drug really works well on me, it kills oodles of people who take it. and in a nasty way too. I only take it when I have a flare up. it sometimes works.

oh well, I guess I can cuddle the kitty kat closer, that might work too.

so, are you a betting person?? will it snow today or rain. take your pick. my neighbor told me it snowed early yesterday morning! I'm glad I slept through that.

ok, Happy Easter.
How does a chicken lay a Cadbury chocolate egg anyway????

I'm off

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