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if it doesn't rain...

Major announcement!! Yes, its true. I actually walked up to the avenue for the THIRD time this week! I thought for sure they would have a marching band parading down the street, you know, with floats, clowns ( congressmen), but the only sound was from the air hammers from the gas company. sigh.
I tried. maybe next week.

Today is Easter Vigil. Yay. I would normally go to church at 6PM and wait till 8PM for the Mass to begin. ah, special times. There is nothing as quiet as a Catholic church. I haven't went to sleep in one yet.

so today is happy grocery day. you know, cat food, cat litter. oh, and I do have some stuff listed on the list. The cat allowed me to add stuff. Nice kitty!

ok, I better get going. yuck

I'm off.

"Happy Easter"