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It's processor's Birthday.

She is the friend on LJ that created that Icon I'm using today.
Goodness. first whose, then cuppykate and now Processor. Birthday's all in a row. Ah, the good old LJ gang. I wish they were still active. I imagine "Smarty-Pants" phones have attracted many LJ writer's. The same seems to be true with Ham Radio. the users of the High Frequency bands and modes seem to have shriveled up.
I bet a good electrical power outage would change that. ( we need electrical power too, but are used to making do with what ever is available)

Today is rainy, cool, but not cold Tuesday. The cold comes in tonight: it will drop to 30 degrees. Say, I thought we were through with all that nonsense!

Oh, I tried Netflix last night and watched three of the 4 episodes of "Ghost in the shell- ARISE". it was much better than I thought. it will not replace the older series of GHIS, but it's ok.

so, time to take my allergy med. yuckie poo.

I'm off but not to Indiana, sorry to say.