Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, that was a nice abbreviated summer. back to winter we go.

a week ago, 54 degrees, today, 18. I'm really tired of being cold. there's work to be done outside. but not if I have to shovel snow to get to it.
Tomorrow, Sunday, we've got snow in the forecast with freezing rain. "Enough" I say. I should maybe make an offering to the great freeze god and see if that helps. ( I am thinking about a broken limb or something like that. no real live critter)
Of course, being stuck playing "Skyrim" doesn't help my mood for the weekend.
I'm in the underground place trying to get the three stone column's to stay open long enough so I can get through the three gates. ha ha ha. all this for a stupid horn. I'm now a big shot "Dragonblood" person. I think.
oh well. keep running and voicing at the gates.

now, I'm thinking Fallout 4 should be about ready to make an appearance.
but hey. it's Saturday. morning cartoons and all. ( I didn't really see any cartoons I'd want to watch. Have you?)

ok, I'm off. and very glad of the Knox verdict that came down yesterday.

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