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a Quiet Sunday......Ha ha ha ha

Spent most of last night wondering why NERO 6.0 burning oem wouldn't work on my system, while version 5.0 will????? Well theres $19.95 shot to heck, and now I need to call the roto router people, the kitchen drain is plugged. ( I bet that will cost more that $19.95!).
I downloaded an entire site for a friend who wants to build his own airplane. No Kidding. It's either that, or $125,000.00 and above!
Must be nice. Finally, I managed to burn the resulting PDF file, over 100 megs! I hope hes happy.
I'm about to go plod away creating a constitution and by-laws for a new club-society I'm thinking of starting. Fun on a Sunday.
I'm lost on what DVD I want to get to start my DVD collection: Every time I pick one out, I think, hey, thats good, but what about.... I may just pick a unknown and start with that.
So, I guess I'll go out and rock away on the front porch, while pondering "WHAT AM I DOING??"
sigh, it's a quiet Sunday.

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