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Silly question. I spent the first hour, just walking around, admiring all the wonderful detail they had installed into this title. "WOW". I used to think "Doom", "Quake" were the cats meow. ( I wish I could still play them, as simple as they were)
I had a strange request yesterday afternoon. My neighbor asked me to but her a special music CD ( do you remember what they are?) about Spanish baby songs. I said sure, and presto, I ordered it from Amazon around 7PM. at 8AM today, it was shipped. I tried to get my neighbor to give Amazon prime a test run, but no go.
oh well.
So now, I'm listening to Ted Cruz announce his plans to run for the office of president of the USA. Think about that. be scared. very scared!

It's not Blue Monday. I already did the laundry yesterday and vacuumed on Saturday. No yard work is possible today. its 29 degrees outside. not 65 like it was a week ago. and we have snow in the forecast. I think I'll go and cuddle with the cat.

I'm off


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Mar. 23rd, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
One thing that bothered me in Skyrim was that they TOOK OUT the underwater functionality. You used to be able to DO stuff under water, and this would have allowed some really neat adventures. Instead you're now basically useless in water.
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