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Bethesda's "Oblivion", has ended.

I finally found a place I couldn't over come. trying to knock off "The Dark mother " and her helper. and I really didn't want that demon horse following me around every place I went to. So, "Skyrim", here I come. "Am I worthy enough"??
we'll see.

I just had an interesting discussion with a hard cord republican's can never do anything wrong type, and a comment I made about all the aid we give Israel. He maintains President Obama hates Israel and we don't give them any aid.

there, I hope that gives him something to think about.

and, I had a nice pleasant discussion with a neighbors daughter who is just starting college. He said she already has her life plans made. I kind of gently said she should give herself time to nurture and see what the big world has to offer. she's excited about college, like I was, am. The most adventurous experience in my life. I still consider myself in the learning mode! I guess, college was successful then huh.

so cold, sunny Sunday is here. time to decided what to watch.

oh well. I'm off.