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But spring is just around the corner. not sure how big the corner is though.
So yesterday I saw my cell phone balance vaporized. my account cancelled and I couldn't even log on. This wasn't a mistake. it was business as normal. it's just that I'm not used to monkey business like this. So.......after talking for 30 minutes to someone in India, I wrote a letter to the good folks at that cell phone company. Basically, I simply said I would be delighted to send flowers to their parents whenever they decided to get married! just exaggerating a tad.

But I did write a note and let them know how unhappy I was with their so-called service.
Presto! woke up this morning and got a reply from the company. They couldn't refund my money ( no surprise there, huh!) but they did restore my account and all I had to do was charge the account. ( did I hear something about a big bridge for sale in New Jersey???) my hands were tied so to speak and forced to deal with stuff I really didn't want to do. but its done.

oh well, so two days were kind of wasted, so to speak.
now, on to climbing that mountain...

I'm off.

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