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But, we almost got up to 67 degrees yesterday. YAY us. and that's the last we'll see of that temp for 4 weeks.
I'm in a design mood right now. Picking up ideas, throwing them out if they don't do what I would like them to do. trying difference logo's to see what would fit both a smarty-pants phone and a desktop computer. yes, even a pamphlet.

interesting endeavor. I don't get paid for it, but the pure satisfaction of creating something is its own reward. heck, my name won't even be on it.
That doesn't matter. what does is if it promotes an idea and gets people to actually read it. No easy feat now days. They ( the schools) are not teaching cursive writing anymore. Think about that. how will they write out checks, or sign contracts?
But it's fun to get the old creative juices flowing once again.

Enjoy the Green.

I'm off