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Finally, I got a DVD....YES!!

It's been a long, bumpy road, but finally, I got myself a DVD player. A Toshiba SD 2900. And....I bough my very first DVD. ( actually, I bought it last January). A restoration of a Russian film, called VYN. Wow.. I can't believe how great the picture is and the sound...I thought Sony's HI FI was something, it's ancient compared to this. So now I get to browse the stores and start getting some decent anime. hmmmmm. "Grave of the fireflies?" Me thinks yes.
oh, I didn't really get the DVD by myself. A very good friend simply picked it up for me after he made the mistake of asking me what I needed from the store. Just wait till the next time he asks.....Oh, a Phillips 60 inch plasma HDTV..That should do it.

A quick movie review: I just made the huge mistake of buying the pay for view movie " Solaris". Cooney is good. The movie is terrible. and this is a remake too! What a shame. Cooney can carry a movie thats for sure, I do wish he's find a good script.

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