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Let's see, I first saw him back in 1954 something. ( actually, I heard him on the radio before I ever saw him: we didn't have TV at that time)
So bright Sunday is here and I don't think I'll have to shovel any more snow for the rest of the year. YAY ALL OF US! and hopefully, no below zero temps! YAY US ALL again.
Funny, all I hear the broadcasters talk about is "March Madness". is this a new illness???

Me, I'm happily watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The nick toons, not that so called real live film.

So both the cat and I were rudely woke up my a bed frame board falling off. It sounds like a semi-truck hitting the side of the house. so half still asleep, I lifted both mattresses and straightened out the boards. all this due to the fact the company didn't bring a large frame with them.

oh well.

Time to enjoy the Sunny Sunday.

I'm off and happy.