Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

drip drip drip. splash. I thought a train had hit the house.

Nope. a huge ice sickle that ran the entire length of the house broke lose yesterday morning. scared me and the cat. But its gone for a whole season or two., on to getting my coffee shipment and helping my neighbor reset her cell phone. "Have you ever tried to tell somebody who didn't really understand technical things, how to reset a cell phone?" She is going to bring it over where I will: 1. remove the back cover 2. remove the battery 3. count to 10 4. reinstall the battery and back cover. 5. press the END button till it comes on.
Of course, if this doesn't solve the problem, she will have to repair or replace it. Yay the electronics industry.

And, this is hair cutting day! REALLY YAY FOR ME!!!!
I haven't been able to get to the shop since November. first ice, then snow, then melting followed by freezing temps and this awful hard winter.

Lets see, a Mohawk, a brush cut? I know, a spiked hair styling. film at 11.

ok, now its time for me to leave.


I'm off
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