Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, I've brough the Gargoyles up from retirement.

I always liked Hudson the best. So the cat, getting back at me for staying up late last night, woke me up and started to play with....everything he could find.
So couple that with "Daylight Saving Time", Monday will be a yawn day for me.

The only real thing I wanted to do today is make an important phone call and clear out the driveway of S.N.O.W. "YAY". Now I've been waiting to do that since December. YAY.
and clear a path for the mailman. make his life a little easier.
ah, did I mention 45 degrees today? No, well I just did now. now let me bask in the glory of sun shine, warmth and cat hairs. He's started to shed again....yet.

ok, I'm out of here

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