Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Egads! I was had!!! The advice I got from what I thought was professor Roshi,

wasn't from Roshi. How blind I was. asking Roshi's advice on women and not hearing anything about panties or......
I don't know who gave me that advice, but I suspect a certain Mojo Jojo was involved.

oh my. the first day of Daylight savings time, and scooter and I slept in. ah... then we got up and I moved the clocks ( all three of them) ahead 1 whole hour. There are certain behaviors of "Man" that are very strange. Daylight saving time is one of them. Move ahead, Fall back??? The oven's clock broke due to all the click clicking of moving the flip flops ahead a whole hour. You can't just change the hour, you have to move the whole thing. Well, it broke. So I hope whatever I cook or bake in the oven has to start at 7PM and ends at 7PM.

But, I didn't have to sleep with the cuddling cat wrapped around my face while wearing a sweat hoodie. It got that cold in here. This is an old house and the wood dries out during the dry winter weather.
but the ice is melting. yay us.

ah. a sunny, Sunday. with optional blue skies. and no snow.

I'm off and loving it.

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