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Well....its Tuesday..
That means I can't get my very own Cuthula pushi(?) till at least Thursday night. I checked Walgreens tonight, and couldn't even find asprinin! A spooky Holloween display tried to grab me, but I was too quick for it. The things they use in stores to keep customers around.
I woke up to 4 people drinking coffee in my house. My neck hurt like all hell: this stupid stress, weather and world events simply are not helping me out.
I also discovered my wonderful dr. can't count" I just ran out of high blood pressure pills and I don't see him till next Monday. arggggggg.
Well, tomorrow, I get to go and see my arthritis dr. whoppie! There goes about $100.00 bucks and unless he tries some new drug, it will be a bust.
Ok, time to go. I've got oodles to do yet tonight and it's 3:43am.
see you later.

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