Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's bubblegum crisis time ( 2040 )

I miss that series. Encore and Cartoon Network showed the series, both 2040 and 2030 A.D. I thought it was engaging. Now, when it comes to "One Piece", I have absolutely no idea what folks find so amusing in that series. I only watched 3 or 4 episodes and then left. "Black Lagoon" the next adventure would really be interesting, if they didn't go hog wild with it. Seems like all the companies have to change the characters shapes and artistic style in the anime. So much for the soap box.

Hey, it's GILOHS event. ( Gee its lose one hour of sleep". Daylight savings time begins Sunday at 2:00AM.

So today is restful Saturday, while I watch the snow start to really melt. YAY US.


I'm off

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