Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

for dating advice, I asked a professional: Professor Roshi

See, this is how desperate I have become. anything to get away from the cat, sub-zero temperatures and hiding from the mailman, due to my not being able to shovel a walkable path for him to walk on. ( the cat woke me up 4 times today) Dating! yes. but it's been a while since I actually dated anybody, so I wanted up to date advice and tips on how to act and what to say to women.
Roshi said 1. always ask the woman her age
2. her weight
3. and the color of the new vacuum cleaner you'll get her for her birthday.

and this is most important 4. what her dress size is.

so, now I'm armed with knowledge how to impress the date of my dreams.
film at 11.

It's grocery day. yay us. it's also TGIF. enjoy your weekend as best you can.

I'm off
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