Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Some people say, "Send in the clown". I say, send in MOJO JO JO!!

I've had it with this nasty cold weather. I'm officially in cabin fever land. I had to fight with the cat to pull the blankets over my head last night. and tonight, we're aiming to break another -12 below zero record. Did somebody just say, "March 1st" is Sunday? So what. We'll never have sunny days again. it will always be hovering around zero with one foot of snow. weekly!

There, now I'll let Mojo JO JO handle the rest.

just keep the power puff girls away from him for at least a couple of days.
Now, off to shovel snow land so I can wheel out the garbage cart. if it aint one thing...

I'm off

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