Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

and the envelope.....NUTS! Godzilla didn't get it!

oh well, when Godzilla 2 comes out, I bet that will either swipe the awards or he'll stomp on them!
So, Scooter and I watched the Oscars, off and on. mostly off. they always have some really ridiculous moments during the presentation.

So, I watched Tom Cruise in "Oblivion". Good flick!

The cat and I noticed that the temp was dropping last night. from 12 degrees at 8PM to 8 degrees at 9PM. and it got worse. we're back in the freezer once again, yet. for another week it would seem. OR LONGER. Egads! wonder if this is the final adjustment the biosphere has made? this is our new seasons??

Now that is scary. So scooter and I snuggled up last night and even this morning.
I'm tired of sitting in the house while there's so much stuff to be accomplished outside, like, number 1, get a hair cut. yay. I'm starting to look like a younger Ringo Starr...hey, nothing wrong with that!

ok, be kind to each other and I'M OFF
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