Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Envelope please...

For best cat snuggling owner.
For least shoveled driveway and sidewalk.
For most scratches per lap time.

and the slave is......"ME".

oh well. I got to have my hot water, I mean cat snuggle up to me again last night. I hate it when you can feel it get cold. I think I have a 30 day limit on below 20 degrees weather. it is wearing me out.
but hey kids, spring is only 60 days away.....or is it 30???

so tonight, while everybody else watches the Oscar's, I'll be filling out utility bills. Yay me. and answering important questions like, " should I renew cable tv or not? I'm leading to or not.
and finding a decent internet provider. That's a simple question: "YES".

Ok, time to fall off my soap box....

I'm off and really, be kind to each other. ( this is what Ellen says at the end of each of her shows. has a nice ring to it)

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