Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

evanglion? really?

I can't believe they're re-re-issuing that anime. Everybody I talked to raved about it. I viewed it like 3 times: still didn't get it.
Edge of tomorrow is nice. so is Oblivion. Oh, I know why I'm thinking about anime stuff to watch. Tomorrow night is the academy awards night thing. Me, Michael Keaton and birdman. but, every time I pick something to win, something else pops up.
maybe I should enter my own movie??? how entertaining can 1 hour 55 minutes of following Scooter the cat be?? It's in 3D of course and Doby 12.8
I'll call Weta and ILM later today!

oh boy. I do get carried away.
today is friendly Saturday. no below zero stuff. just a nice pleasant 29 degrees and in the teens at night. YAY US.
The arctic Siberian express comes tomorrow. sigh. can't win, can we.

ok, I'm off

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