Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Presidents Day and Good morning sunshine.

Yes, it's 10:27AM and the cat let me sleep in. Thank you cat.
of course, we did set another cold record last night and yesterday. I'm tired of setting cold temperature records. thank you very much. I would much prefer collecting postage stamps, or pop bottle caps. you know, something that would have a nice "get away from feeling cold" moment to it.
I'm supposed to get a hair cut tomorrow, but the city plows came by, and circled my block like they were getting ready to repel an imaginary attack from someone.
So, I'm hoping the temp gets up to a nice "snow-can-be-shoveled" temp. LOL.

Otherwise, I'll watch some other get warm feeling movie. I thought I'd watch a good whole family film last night, like " No country for old men", or " Edge of Tomorrow". good, wholesome family fair. Then I tried to finished up "Oblivion" and am within a whole inch of doing that. I can't believe how close I am to ending that and starting either Rain or Skyrim. Skyrim looks great. but, I do need to rest up the old grey cells to get ready for creating designs for web sites and pamphlets'. this will keep me busy. and.....happy?????

ok, I'm off.

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