Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"I Finally found out how to do it"

No, not that. I found out how to get the witch make the cure for vampire sickness. Yay me. ALL KNEE BEFORE THE GREAT RICKY. ( ah, that didn't sound that great, did it?) Ok, I had tried several times to find the 5 grand soul gems only to have the witch iqnore me. So last night, I gave it one last try before I fired up Skyrim. Presto. It worked!! Basically, you have to be on the quest for a cure for vampirism and NOT HAVE COLLECTED any soul gems before hand. There are 3 sites that you can collect the grand soul gems, and they won't be there unless your on the quest for finding a vampire cure. ( oh and I stole one from the basement of the witch herself)

Today, or later tonight, "SkyRim" will run....YAY ME.

It's true. I am a legend in my own mind.....would you all like an autograph???

I'm off to navigate on icy everything to get a hair cut and also beat the huge artic front moving in. a low on Sunday of -10..

I'm off and snuggling with the cat.

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