Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Monday. Yay. I think.

I had some things I really needed to start doing over this past month, and here I sit, like raggedy Anne...oh well. Idea's are not popping into my mind as they used to do. My entertainment interests seems to have changed too. Yesterday, so help me goodness, I spent 3 hours watching "Wolfgang Puck" sell his everything.

what, I'm beginning to become a "HSN" junkie???? oh the horror.
I didn't even watch the Grammy's. Mainly because I have no idea what the current music is about. I love all music, from bagpipes to Moog synthesizer's. I've played the violin, viola, string bass and even the piano. I'm in my field when I'm keying a synthesizer. Boy howdy! But then again, I've still got an 8-track player/recorder, cassette deck, a reel to reel and cd and dvd player. ( yes, I do have a I-Pod). Maybe I should include what my mix list looks like?


ok, am I that old????

I'm off.

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