Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, indeed. Today is a great day to watch "Black Lagoon"

It's yuckie grey outside and the artic front is starting to drop. Hey, it's winter.
So, I've been seriously thinking of starting to locate the parts (new) for my next computer. Just to be safe. Electronic components come and go quicker than last years car models. and some of the newer parts are a toss up on if I should even use them. Solid State Drive is one. I've heard great things, and I've heard disaster stories. yuck. a 6 terabyte hard drive????? I don't think so.
Here's a scary thought: computers that do not even have a optic drive in them! no cd, no dvd and certainly no Blu Ray drive. What are they thinking??? Why, the cloud. oh brother.
well, time to look over the products....Tiger Direct here I come.

I'm off. slowly, but off still the same.

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