Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"To Goulash, or not to Goulash" That is the question...

Yes, the temperature says "Goulash", but soup is good too. decisions, decisions.
What's a poor boy to do. Pizza?? Let's check with our trusty weather forecaster. LOL. That was a good one. The ground hog had the right idea: go to sleep till April.

So, I used the last of my de-icer and we have freezing rain due tonight and Saturday night. YAY US! Should be fun.
For entertainment last night, I watched one of my favorites " A Gun, A women and a Noodle Shop". It's based on "Blood Simple" and this is a kick! It's Chinese but oh did they ever get it right.
Ok, I'm covering up for not reading stuff. I'm kind of waiting for Harper Lee's new story. She has said its' about Scout! Interesting.

Ok, TGIF and have a safe party but be nice to each other.

I'm off.

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