Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Ground Hog Day, 2015.....and the sun is out!!

You know what that means.......the furry rascal see's his shadow and we have 6 more months of winter. YAY us. I always thought we should be using either a beaver or a goldfish to determine how long winter will still be with us. but nobody listens to me, do they.
it was 4 degrees last night and yet a little cat actually climbed up on the AC stand. Outside! I left the front door unlocked just incase he did that so I could try and let him in. nope. he was more interested in Scooter the cat than staying warm. But I was prepared.

So, everything is shut down over here today. huge amount of snow fell and it's supposed to become a balmy 7 degrees by noon. YAY.

Thanks again to my neighbor for shoveling everything over here. YAY. TEACHERS!

ok, I'm off.

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