Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, I decided to watch Texholyxldk ?><J

heck, I don't know have the spelling right in front of my on that name. But like "Fist of the North Star', this is another good one to watch when one is stuck inside with a snoozing cat. except when the phone rings. gads, I hate that. what more, scooters' claws look like they're coming out when the phone rings. ( it's usually a salesman selling me some useless piece of junk)

so today, is vacuuming Sunday. see, if you don't do it one day, it will wait till the next day. dirt and vacuum cleaners are like that.

Super bowl sunday, I don't think so. way too much hype. Now, if a hockey game were on...........

ok, time for me to move on, or....

I'm off.

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