Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So super bowl is next week. hmmmm.

ok. so cold blistery Sunday winter day is here. ( try saying that fast 3 times)
Actually, it's a nice day. we didn't get the 1 to 4 inches of snow, but the temp is dropping. Hey, it's winter. Today I look forward to listening to "Hearts of Space". It's a music program out of California and they play what I call, new music. As they say, "Slow music for fast times". You can get it on the internet ( what can't you get on the internet now days!!!) at Neat program. Locally, I get it on the talk radio station that plays The Rush, The Sean and those other hate mongers.
I mention this because I was thinking of putting on a radio station today. HA HA HA. so much for that idea. as far as I can tell, we have one classical station and perhaps a couple of local public interest stations. But nowhere can you find music from the big band area or just nice what they once called, "Adult - middle of the road " music. and here's a shocker: a lot of people do not have a CD player or an LP player. Gad zooks! am I that old???? ( don't you dare answer that ).
sigh. I guess the world has loss "Tubby the Tuba" for good. sigh. so sad.

ok, I'll keep quiet and just slide away.......

I'm off, but not forgotten......

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