Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

oh yuckie poo its still winter and cold and snowy and....

I bet your getting tired of hearing me complain every other post about this nasty weather. but it is in the forefront of life events right now. I'll stay away from politics, because my mommy always told me to watch my language when I'm in public. Good advice.
So today I'll be chatting on the phone ( land line to those born after 1991) and finishing up "Oblivion" . LOL. that's a good one. Now, I'm trying to work my way up the Mages ladder. What a bunch of snobs!!
The only good thing on TV is "Fist of the North Star" "Your already dead". I do love Kenshiro-san. But Bat and Lin drive me crazy. But, I do have fond memories of waiting each week till Saturday night when Encore would air 2 or 3 episodes. They did this with "Blue Seed". Saturday night was always exciting to wait for what encore would show next. How about the old "Bubblegum Crisis 2030 " and then, "Bubblegum Crisis 2040". Great Saturday viewing. Kept me entertained throughout the winter.
Now, I get my anime from either "Roberts anime corner store" or "The Righstuf". Good guys.

well, enough about anime. I'm thinking about watching "Lucy". is she anything like the peanuts lucy????

ok, I'm off. ( as if you couldn't tell)

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