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Ah, schools back and a 4 day week end

Had a swell time today. Mowed the lawns with a stupid sears and hoebuck lawn mower and it isn't closing the safety lid when it runs. Somebody didn't design a very strong spring. I am looking for a bigger one as I type. So, as I mowed the nice, dusty lawn ( she won't water her lawn, says it costs too much) the lid covering the bag flew open, blowing all the dirt, dust and anything else that this poorly designed thing picked up. It took about 1 hour, but I think I have the dirt out of "every place" I can reach. ( This turned out not to be true-I took a bath and discovered I had dirt where I didn't know I had places) But, it did look nice.
Do you have friends who you just don't understand? I've got this good friend who comes over, and then saids 1. I won't pay for cable tv. 2 I won't pay THAT much for the internet.
Guess what he's doing while speaking this??? Right, turning on the tv and surfing till the waves cover the sofa. Then, he's in my room with the air conditioning and the broadband internet connection.
I'm glad this dude is saving all this money. I wish I were. Maybe I will.
Well, no real plans this weekend. except get the snow blower ready?? Tomorrows low is supposed to drop to 43 degrees???? Thats great for killing off those West-Nile carrying mosquito's, but nothing else.
I bought Nero burning software and kind of like it. But there is one really nasty problem with it: if you move or copy ( using the add command) from a folder to the cd place, you could actually move it for real on the hard drive. Not cool at all. That little error has locked up Windows XP home!! So...I'm thinking of getting Nero 6. just a thought.
I'm sitting at the "puter" with my samoyed dog laying at my feet. He just discovered how great air conditioning can be with hot and humid air. But he likes me to leave the light on????

what a dog.
ok, now go have a safe, but fun 4 day weekend. yipppeeee

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