Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Outlaw star is orbiting. It's Ken's turn today.

Ok, so I decided to watch my winter show early this season:"Fist of the North Star". Go get them Ken.
This weather is almost as worse as summers 99 degree non-sense! right now, at 11AM, it is 1 degree F. and we have an artic clipper coming down on us this afternoon through tomorrow. could get 12 inches of snow at 10 degrees, if we're lucky. and I turned Comcast off when???

I had some requests for data that I knew how to compile, but it felt funny doing this work for folks who don't like me and I don't trust them. ( did I say that right???)
So today, I get ready to plow through the snow and freezing weather, to get a garbage cart. ah, the joys and pleasures of being an adult. think of all the stuff I can do now. I wonder what's next? The nunnery?

ok, I'm off, really.

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