Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Out with 2014....yay......Bring on 2015...." ???

Well, I've packed 2014 stuff away for another century, or reincarnation. I'm good to go..."WHERE?" Never sure about these things. People do some unpredictable things. Like walk on the moon or elect Ted Cruise. So here I sat, sit, hold the cat, pondering what 2015 will bring. I really don't have any kind of list, with the exception of praying all my friends who are sick will get well ( boy, they sure are a lot of them this time of their life!). I kind of made a list of what's important and no list of what to iqnore. That list gets full so fast. is it there so many things happen that one wants to iqnore, or are we just getting picky??

So, as I get the nerve up to complete one of the goals in Oblivion, ( did you know, that is not the end goal-there still exist manys task's in Oblivion) I'll miss Steve Colbert and especially Craig Ferguson. Almost the same feeling I got when Johnny Carson left.

Ok, time to lift my paws, and say "HAPPY NEW YEARS" Lj special folks.
Enjoy and keep happy, but be and stay safe.

I'm off.

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