Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The next to the last day of 2014. What a year!

I tried to think of all that has happened to both the world, and me. I couldn't do it. it's just too much to document. Good thing I have a secretary "Cat", to keep track of all this. He sorts it out to "Important" stuff to concern a Cat, and anything else. A very relaxing secretary.

So I'm making plans for New Years Eve: should I hold the cat in my left arm or cuddle him in my right. decisions. I'll end up letting him decide. He does anyway.

I actually stayed up till late last night to watch a new movie. well, new to me. it's been out at the theaters about 4 months ago for a whole 2 week run. then it showed up on Netflix, pay-per-view and now, Encore. it was called "The Colony", with Lawrence Fishburg and bill Paxton. wow. I couldn't believe it. at the end credits, they showed what must be a crew, that helped make this movie. They actually had a crew on this film???? ok.
Look, if your looking to spend a nice evening curled up on the sofa,experiencing a thrilling moment, snuggle with your cat and buy a toosie roll!
ok, this the game, I'm already at the end gate thing. I lived and learned. If I find out how to get the rock, I will post it. Do not hold your breath!

ok, I'm off.

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