Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Did I start all over?" YES! This is the third time too!

Why, the curious reader might ask? Simple. The stupid game had me locked out of curing my vampirism. Your not going to go very far if all you can do is move about at night and all the folks who greet you go, " ACK....a vampire, stay away from me you foul beast". So, yup. start over. Then last Friday, I had that stupid timer running that I have only 10 minutes to stop the gate machine. Good luck. Martin outside dancing with the blue meanies and even the guards are staying clear of him. So nuts. I started a new game. Interesting enough, each time I started a new game, I erased the old game from the PS-3's hard drive. But when the new game started, it was harder, no matter what setting I had the game play set on. "Things had changed too". The evil villain's had moved up in ranks it seems. I guess I'll wait and see.

Today is rest-up Monday. Got all the house things taken care of, ahead of "NEW YEARS EVE", so I can watch the "Jonny Quest" Marathon. YES! what a treat.
Now, on to the "New Years Resolutions". So what are you going to come up with? Me neither too. I might sleep in with the cuddling cat, or put the blankets over my head.

I'm off and relaxing, with the cat, of course.

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