Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Oblivion" is over. Long live Oblivion.

Well, finally got to the last "Gate" in oblivion, and got beat by the stupid 10 minute timer 3 times! I couldn't figure out where to go, due to the changes in the landscape of Oblivion. It's not very much fun hearing that your lead special high roller character has bit the big one. So, either try it once again, or......"SKYRIM!". decisions decisions. what's a poor boy to do.

Wow, did I ever get a surprise going to the grocery store yesterday. I've never seen it this busy. I mean busy. All the checkout lanes were about 5 shoppers deep and the clerks were going as fast as they could go. nobody has ever seen it this busy. and they were buying groceries too. Not non-sense stuff for New Years, but daily stuff. Thank goodness I only had "CAT" stuff and general stuff to get.

I did get to dream when I stopped by the meat counter and saw "Cubed Beef" for beef stew. I used to make Cabbage soup, in the same manner that Big Boys used to make it. But mined only costs like 20.00 to make. now days...... the stewing beef is like $14.95, before you cut the fat off. ( extra fat, not all of it). I can't imagine what all the spices would cost if I had to purchase them. Before, I would buy Borden's Soup Starter, with it's wonderful spice packs and little noodles. yum. that added just the right amount of flavor to the soup. yum. I'll try it again soon. promise. lets see, who could I try it on....the first name begins with a "B".

Ok, I'm off.

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