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Schools in...Met New Dr. and Mowed the lawns......

What a week. First off, I braved the sunny day and bright blue sky, and went off to visit my new Dr. This was just to get her to give me Prescriptions, cause My old-new Rheumatologist, "Doesn't do that procedure in his office." I am so tired of hearing that cop off. I think they just don't want to do the added work. Must be a bitch, huh.... Without this drug, I'll be visiting the local E-room. nice....
she also told me that there was no known treatment for the "bad" drug I was given several years ago. What I have, I have.
I'm going to schedule a physical, cause I haven't had one since 1994 or so. About time. My blood pressure was down, which I thought was remarkable, what with seeing a new Dr. and all.
Pretty good day. I then mowed the lawn today, and boy, was it ever dusty. She's the one who just had her 74th birthday and survived lung cancer. Neat lady. I put the sprinkler on the front lawn about 8:42PM tonight and its now 12:55AM. I guess I should turn it off, huh. I'm charging my brand new AT&T 2.4 gig cordless phone. Wow, neat-to. gee whiz...golly, oh, you get the idea. ok, back to watching Heavy Metal. I actually saw this at a theater when it was a first run!. Wow. I paid $4.95 to see it .

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