Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

gosh, Santa came early yesterday.

I received surprises from several friends. I discovered once again, the stupid cell phones got me: I hadn't sent these folks Christmas cards due to no current address's. NO WHITE PAGES RESIDENTAIL LISTINGS. That is getting old real fast.

So today is rest up so we can go to Christmas brunch. I misread the invite: it is for Christmas, not yesterday. She gave me a Boston coffee cake. Yum.

Today I can watch the next two installments of "Montebano". and perhaps do a little "Microsoft Windows" shopping. It's fun!
right now, we're waiting for the "Christmas" rain to start-stop. yes, it's going to be a yuckie December. So this space.

time to sleep in again. this stupid weather just wears me out. yuck.

ok, I'm off.

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