Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Late night TV is just about gone over here.

the only one left is David Letterman. Craig Ferguson is gone, Colbert and now I have nothing to really sink my teeth into at late night. oh I'm sure the other dudes are ok and people do watch them, but, its just not the same. sigh. I can't even listen to FM radio. only three stations around here are not owned by the big three conglomerates: Citadel, Clearchannel and the other big company I keep forgetting their name. so sad. I also feel so old. I told one of my friends I was going to burn a CD of some music I had, and she didn't know what a CD was!!! Now I do feel old.

I once was going to copy all my albums into CD's. I'm not so sure now. Record players are having a come back. and we don't have to download it either!

So, not only did I miss TGIF and moved right into Saturday, but I'm about to miss Glorious Sunday too. Now, if we had snow, I would feel more like the holiday mood. you know, shoveling snow, wrapping gifts for the cat and neighbor ( and the mailman) too. but this drab grey and yuckie looking ground just doesn't look or feel like Christmas. No sledding down the golf course's hills, or ice skating on the Aberdeen's Parks just made ice rink.

But, I can always hug the old scooter and sing Carole's to him.

ho ho ho.

I'm off now.

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