Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, there is something flakey, and kind of white on the ground. and it is cold.

could it be?? Naw. I'm dreaming. It's still 80 degrees and a blustery summer day. Wednesday was "telephone" day. AT & T, Home owners insurance co., survey about how I liked something from Walgreens, my pal called to chat and then my soup lady called with a dead telephone battery. all the meanwhile, scooter the cat wanted to nap in my lap. ah, animals. froze my fingers while putting out the recycle carts and garbage cart out. wow, now that is cold! You know, they have a new invention to help cushion that frozen effect, its called mittens! Isn't science wonderful!!

I saw the bruins beat Minnisoda in Hockey. bummer! Boo hiss. Tonight is Detroit. YAY Red wings ( I'm actually a Ranger and Kings fan. )play.
ok, time to take my second cup of HOT coffee. YAY ME. ( hot chocolate would be nice too).

I'm off.

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