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Finally, a patch from Microsoft that doesn't screw up my acrobat..

Wow, I took a chance, and by golly, it didn't screw it up. Before, I think it was with the June IE patch, that my Adobi Acrobat wouldn't write or print, due to that stupid patch. Tonight, they promised that this "was the patch to end all patches". Well,something like that. Anyway, it works. Yeah.....
I went and finally made my appointment with my new Doctor. She's about 6 foot 5 inches and weights about 150 lbs. ( blond too). ah..... married, very married to a surgeon. rats, I knew there was a catch. But I got my 2 prescriptions filled: Previcid and a nasal inhaler for stupid allergies. yuck. I have to have a physical with her in November. Yeah.. She knew about my nice Rheumatologist who quit his practice. He's the Dr. that saved my life by taking me off of propulsid. They say he was getting into areas of practice he shouldn't have been into. I'm very grateful he did! A Dr. who practices medicine, and he goes out of business. Now that really sucks! The new guy I have is plainly sticking to a very narrow-ry defined area of medical practice. "Good luck" Specializing in one field is great, but not to the exclusion to the well being of your patients well being.
and now the weekend is coming and with it, the final episode of Fooly Cooly. Come on Gainex, bring on your new stuff. and a healthy chance of thunder storms over the next 48 hours. Yeah.

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