Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I guess Live Journal took a day off?

I couldn't get the LJ site yesterday. I tried from 9:00AM and then from 2:00PM: nothing! I tried as late as 11:45PM and nothing.
I know, I paid my bill for the year. That must have done it, right?

I had a tiring day on Sunday. Had breakfast at the hall from 10AM right through to 1:20PM. I left the poor scooter cat all alone. he was so upset, he slept through most of that time. poor thing. once I got home, he celebrated by taking another nap? it's nice to know your missed.

so I greet grey Monday with YUCK. where's the snow???
50 degrees by Friday???? that doesn't sound like Christmas weather to me.
oh well.

I'm off.
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