Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The streets are sweeped.

I woke up ( scooter got woke up too) to the sound of oodles of street sweepers!
This was kind of surprising since the road debris is frozen to the pavement. But if you have three sweepers moving ever so slowly, they can remove the bebris. Poor workers. it is so cold outside today. I'm glad I'm staying inside today.

On my game interacting ( this is a nice word substitute for game playing) I'm stuck in Oblivion as a vampire. I'm supposed to bring the mean witch 5 grand soul gems. good luck. in all my travels, I've only found 3 and one I left behind. I would have had to steal it from a nice person. I didn't do it. but, I do notice how the tasks seem to have changed. no more open gates.
and, I'm finding so darn many other tasks to complete along my journey.
what great fun!!

ok, time to , do something...

I'm off.

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