Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

burrr. now that is one cold night!

thankfully, the wind didn't blow. Today, even without the wind, it is COLD. no snow????? ok, who hid the snow?????? put it back before I tell Santa!

again, I had a warm kitty snuggling up against my face last night and this morning. sure helps keep me warm. till he sheds.

I bought Christmas Cards. So, if you'd like to get one of my award winning, self licked cards, give me your address. ta da! There are several LJ members whom we trade cards each year. it's kind of special, since these are my LJ friends. Your special. your way different from the people I see day to day. your special, we chose to talk to each other, and over time! That's special.

Enjoy the season.

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