Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Gogble gogble" Yes, tomorrow is the day of the bird!

I am expecting a quiet day with a neighbor, no football, hockey, naw. that's on Friday. It may even snow! Now that's great for the Macy Day's Santa parade. I hope this year, I can make it to his sledge and sit on his lap without breaking something. I've got a short list this year. as you get older, the list gets shorter. more toys, less adult things. Naw, no speed boat, no ski doo. piper cubs are left at the hanger. but absolutely no underwear. where ever do parents think kids ( young as well as old) require unmentionables????

So, a nice quiet Thursdaay. Then, black Friday. yuck!!

ok, enjoy and have a very peaceful Thanksgiving.
I'm off.

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