Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now what is LJ up to??

I wish they would learn to stop this updating nonsense and stick with one format. It shouldn't be work to post to my journal!

I listened to the Ferguson prosecuting attorney's statement. "What a joke!" a trained office needs to shot 6 times at an unarmed teenager?? The training is wrong or the individual is wrong for the job. enough.

So, here I am, on Happy Tuesday. Getting ready for "Turkey DAY" and also, get ready for my 65 birthday. My God, am I really that old????? Naw, that's physical age, not mental or acting like. I have everything I could possibly want. The only thing I have a list of things I really want, is my friends to have good health, to quite all this hateful hurting. But what do you do about all the people who think nothings wrong?? Now not to know the difference between doing good, helping to do good, and not knowing why to do things like that, makes me sad. How can people be so blind not to see what's going on in this world. But they do. yes, they can.

But today is a day of doing laundry and watching all the cold snow and wind come across my lawn. I hope this isn't going to be a weekly thing with the weather....

ok, I'm done. I'm all washed up. the porch light is on, but nobody's home. Your putting a bucket down a dry well.....

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